Newsletter - May 2008

New Servers On-Line -
We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new servers which will be on-line June 1, 2008. It will feature more speed, better SPAM control, new back-up system, better security, and more.

Urchin Web Analytics -
This is the most powerful traffic reporting system we have ever used. It will provide you with the details necessary to find out what viewers are doing on your site, and how they found it. It will show you when they visited, what they looked at, for how long, where they went next, which search engines and keyword phrases they used and more. Call today for your log in.

SEOP - Search Engine Optimization Program -
If your site needs better rankings, we know how to get it done! But don't take our word for it, listen to our clients. Call today to sign up . . .

Site Analysis & Consultation - We will analyze your web site to see what needs to be improved and make recommendations based on our findings.
Competitive Tag Analysis - Thorough review of your competition rankings and what meta-tags they use.
Meta Tag Generation - Based on our research and our conclusions, we will generate the best possible meta tags for your site. They can be changed and updated at anytime.
Detailed Web Traffic Analytics - Allows you to monitor your visitors. See when they visited, what they looked at, for how long, where they went next, how they found you and more.
Strategic Domain Name Management - Secure keyword-based domain names to maximize the number of URL's placed in the top ten.
PHASE III - Optional
Monthly Ranking Reports - See how you place on the major search engines on a monthly basis in your ranking report. (e-mailed monthly)

Meta tags are important, but there is more. Rich content on your pages is also a helpful solution. Write about 300 words, and don't write only with search engines in mind, write with your readers in mind to inform them. By having a balance between your keywords and writing for your audience, you'll have the right mix. If the keywords are embedded in the content in a proper way, the chances of getting found increase.

That's not all either. Keep your site fresh by adding new articles or updating content. Add new industry related articles, useful tips or even a "What's New" section. Google and the other big companies will index your site more often, plus you'll keep your visitors tuned in. ~ Click HERE for testimonials.

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